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Floating point addition using ALTFP_ADD_SUB core

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I am having an issue while using the Altera's floating point adder.... 


while performing addition or subtraction between a subnormal and a normal number, altera's core treats all subnormal numbers as zero so it always outputs the normal operand. This is true if we add a larger normal number with a subnormal number but for a normal number which is very close to the subnormal range, we have significant amount of error 


For example  


if 4.778436e-39 (a subnormal) is added with 2.458775e-37(a normal) 

Output from Altera's core 2.45877e-37  

While the actual answer is 2.506560e-37 


Anybody knows if there is any exception in IEEE754 Floating Point standard regarding subnormal and normal addition/subtraction ????
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At a guess that is an 'optimisation' (or maybe a bug) in the VHDL to avoid the extra comparator and shifter/mux required to process the subnormal value. 


Support for subnormal values as well as INF, NaN, -0 and the rounding rule(s) could be logic saving options for any FP unit.
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