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Help with DDR2 SDRAM DIMM with UniPHY on Stratix III eval board

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I am trying to use the DDR2 SDRAM DIMM on the Stratix III eval board. 



I am following the directions at: 



The design seems to synthesize fine. After boot, calibration succeeds, so I think some parts of the DDR2 system are working. But when I try to trigger a single read on Avalon, I never get a response. 

I'm following the signals described on p 3-9 of http://www.altera.com/literature/manual/mnl_avalon_spec.pdf 


This is using Quartus 13.1. 


Any suggestions on how to troubleshoot this? Thanks. 


Also, since I'm using a stock eval board with the stock SDRAM DIMM, perhaps there is a reference implementation somewhere? 


Thanks very much, 

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