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How to display the image through VIP

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My environment is DE0 board and uClinux-20110630. 


I want to have the VGA hardware to display the image. 


The hardware is provided by SOPC or the other user. That's OK. 


I want to know the design flow about the test pattern generator, clocked video out, and frame buffer. 


The Altera website provides the DE0's VGA example, but the test pattern is composed by the verilog. 


I want to change the image through the C code instead of verilog code. 

(The VGA hardware is composed by verilog code and the device driver is composed by C language) 


Because the VGA example don't provide the device driver, so I can't use it by IDE environment and I can't integrate the verilog code to the SOPC. 



Could you give me some suggestion to achieve the objective 


Thank you very much
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