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How to increase current strength on *_dq/dqs IOs of the UniPHY memory controller

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UniPHY MegaWizard auto-generates current strength constraints for all IOs except *_dq and *_dqs. I need to figure out to increase current strength of those signals, because the voltage on our board is too marginal (after following all the guidelines, of course). 


When I add CURRENT_STRENGTH_NEW MAX CURRENT constraint to *_dq/dqs, Quartus gives the following fit error: "Current Strength logic option is set to for pin but setting is not allowed with a Termination assignment" 


It looks like that,for some reason, Quartus doesn't support current strength change on IOs with Termination. There are also some mentions of that limitation in the user guides. 



Is there a way to workaround this limitation ? 






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