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How to make the avalon bus signals for the FIFO from the Quartus IP library? I selected FIFO and went through the wizard box questions so I could set up the type of FIFO I want (16 wide, 2048 deep, dual clk, etc.)


So, the after going through the FIFO setup questions, code and a .qip file was generated. I didn't see any Avalon signals in that code so I figured I need to make a wrapper for that FIFO. I wrote a wrapper with readdata, writedata, read, write, etc., but when I instantiate my FIFO module in the wrapper I get an error that says: "Instantiation error: cannot connect instance ports both by order and by name." What's this mean? Here's my code so far.

  Top level: trying to write a wrapper for the FIFO that was created in the wizard IP catalog:   module wrpFifo( input logic csi_clk, input logic rsi_reset, input logic avs_1_read, input logic avs_1_write, output logic avs_1_readdata, input logic avs_1_writedata, input logic avs_1_address );   // For easier reading logic clock, reset, read, write; logic [3:0]address; logic [15:0]readdata, writedata;   // Wire up Avalon bus signals assign csi_clk = clock; //assign is verilog.Is there a shortcut like the dot method or is that just for instantiations? assign rsi_reset = reset; assign avs_1_readdata = readdata; assign avs_1_writedata = writedata; assign avs_1_address = address; assign avs_1_read = read; assign avs_1_write = write;   // Instantiate the FIFO that was generated when I went through the // wizard question boxes when I chose to make a FIFO from the Quartus IP library (not using .qsys)   rdFifo rdFifo( .data(writedata[15:0]), .rdclk(clock), //same clock for now .rdreq(read), .wrclk(clock), //same clock for now .wrreq(write), .q(readdata[15:0]), .rdempty(), .rdfull() );   endmodule   // The other .v file (which is within the .qip file generated) in this project is the generated FIFO which looks like this:   module rdFifo( data, rdclk, rdreq, wrclk, wrreq, q, rdempty, wrfull );   input [15:0]data; input rdclk; input rdreq; input wrclk; input wrclk;   output q; output rdempty; output wrfull;   wire [15:0] sub_wire0; wire sub_wire1; wire sub_wire2;   wire [15:0]q = sub_wire0; wire rdempty = sub_wire1; wire wrfull = sub_wire2;   // Then the generated code instantiated another FIFO based on what I chose in the Wizard questions I guess...:   dcfifo dcfifo_component ( .data(data), .rdclk(rdclk), .rereq(rdreq), .wrclk(wrclk), .wrreq(wrreq), .q(sub_wire0), .rdempty(sub_wire1), .wrfull(sub_wire2), .aclr(), .eccstatus(), .rdfull(), .rdusedw(), .wrempty(), .wrusedw() );   defparam( /* a bunch of settings that I chose from the wizard like 16-bit width, 2048 deep, etc. */   endmodule


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You have a typo in your instantiation: rdfull should be wrfull.




Hi Rachel,


Line 49 is having an issue,

.rdfull() it should be .wrfull()


You are using by name module instantiation, using a dot(.)

.deign port name(name of wire connected to port )





I typed out the code because it's saved on another computer. The .rdfull() was a typo and in my code it is actually written as .wrfull() and I am still getting that error "wrpFifo.sv: cannot connect instance ports both by order and by name." Any other ideas? Thank you!!


PS, is it an issue at all that these two .v and .sv files are in the same project?


Thank you, I got it. Missed some syntax.