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I2C SOPC (open)core for Quartus 10

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Has anybody succesfully implemented an I2C SOPC core in Quartus 10.1 yet? 


The one from http://www.grigaitis.eu/?p=18 gives the following warning(s): 

Warning: oc_i2c_master_0.avalon_slave_0: Signal chipselect appears 2 times (only once is allowed) 

(And this one but that doesn't matter: Warning: oc_i2c_master_0: This classic module should be upgraded; right click in the Component List.) 


And the one from http://www.nioswiki.com/perihperals/opencores_i2c gives the following warning: 

Warning: opencores_i2c: set_interface_property: Interface export_0 does not have a parameter associatedClock 


I haven't actually tested any of them yet, but I like to know whether or not they still work with Quartus 10.1, before I start working with them. 

Or if there are any other options? 


My goal is to config a switch using I2C.
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Update and another question. 

The one from grigaitis compiles fine without any (weird) warnings. 


But that gives me another question, how do you constrain I2C? 

Can I just put them on false paths? 


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To anwser my own questions (maybe it's helpful for someone else). 

You can set SCL and SDA (the two I2C "signals") as false paths. 

The core and software from http://www.grigaitis.eu/?p=18 works flawless with Quartus 10.1 and a Tundra Switch \o/.