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IFI Basic CAN - Problem

Well, I use a stratix III board and the ifi can basic ip core. 


System looks like this: 4 CPUs with 4 IFI CAN Controllers +4 ring buffers which are connected to the 4 cpus and a logging cpu. 


Problem is as follows:  

The first message which I send at a Controller can get killed but the controller ack it. So the controller tells me, that it was send but it doesnt send it sometimes(0-3 Controllers at start).  

Second: Sometimes a CAN Controller(of 4) doensnt receive anything at some point of time but it tells, that it is not broken and running well. 


So the problem is: The interface tells, that everything is running fine but I loose message at sending or receiving. WTF!?! 


I am also connect to the ifi can support.
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Problem was found: 


I used Altera 8.1 with the can ipcore version 8.1. I have a license which works up to 9.1(or 9.0). Somehow this is making troubels due to altera changed the gui-interface stuff in 9.0 and the license was messing up the system. Dont ask me what exactly WAS the problem. So the solution was to upgrade to altera tool chain 9.0(And ip core version 9.0).