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IP core FIR Configuration Problems

Honored Contributor II

Hello All, 


I use the Cyclone IV FPGA to realize bandpass FIR. And I use the quartus 11.0 version. 


The configuration of IP core FIR are as follows: 

Filter Type: bandpass 

windows type: hanning 

coefficents: 64 

Sample rate: 1MHz 

Cutoff Frequ.1: 5Hz 

Cutoff Frequ.2: 200Hz 

Input and output bit width: 8 



clk: 1MHz 

reset_n: 1 

ast_sink_data[7..0]: ad_data, which are from AD, the AD frequecy is 15KHz 

coef_set: 1 

ast_sink_valid: 1 

ast_source_ready: 1 

ast_sink_error: 0 


ast_souuce_data[7..0]: 0, which always keep 0 whatever i change the input. 


Would you please help check what are the problems? Very urgency:confused:. Thank you very much. 

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