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MGL_INTERNAL_ERROR - Terasic's SFP loopback test

Honored Contributor II

I downloaded Terasic's sfp_hsmb_s4gx_pcie_xcvr_loopback_6p25Gbps_restored project. 


On compilation I get the following error: 


Error: MGL_INTERNAL_ERROR: Generator entity alt_cal is specified as a primitive with no parent. CAUSE : Top level entity is specified as a primitive or primitive has no parent. All primitive objects in clear box should have non-NULL parents and top level entities cannot be primitives. ACTION : The constructor of the entity still has the set_primitive () function, or the parent of the primitive object is set to NULL. 


I am using Quartus 10.1sp1. 


I much appreciate your help. 


Thank you!
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