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Megawizard stuck at generating MegaCore function...

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I recently moved to a Windows 7 64-bit computer from a Windows XP 32-bit computer. I was successfully using Quartus II 12.1 Web Edition to create/edit my design's PCI Express Hard IP core. On my new Windows 7 system, it seems to get stuck at "Generating MegaCore function top-level..." as shown in the attachment. 


Has anyone else run into this issue? Should I be using the SP1 version of 12.1? 


Update: My existing designs seem to be able to finish adding the files to the project. Creating new IP cores and certain "copies" of working designs still hang as mentioned above. 


Update: I got Megawizard to successfully finish as I had to uncheck creating the optional .cmp file. Possibly a directory path error as my file path is extremely long? I'm reaching here. Although the solution doesn't explain why it was hanging in the first place, this solution will have to do. 


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