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NTSC Connection

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Hello Everyone, 


I am hoping someone can help me with setting up an NTSC video input to an FPGA (specifically a Cyclone II via Sparkfun.com). I'm wanting to do some image recognition on the FPGA (using DSP builder and MATLAB) and all I need is a video in and a video out. I am not a guru on analog video formats, I deal mainly with digital formats but I'm willing to learn a thing or two. I've done some looking around online and from the daughter boards meant for Altera development boards it looks like I need an analog video decoder (like something from Analog Devices). I am unsure that I do need this because the video and image processing suite from Altera has a "Clocked Video Input" function that sort of seems like it would work. 


I need a digital format in the FPGA to run my algorithms (raw, uncompressed video preferred). An then convert that back to an NTSC out. For those that I have thoroughly confused maybe this will clear things up: 


--NTSC IN--->----SMA Connector--->------FPGA------>-----SMA Connector---->NTSC OUT 


Make more sense? All I need help on is what devices are needed between the physical NTSC connection and the FPGA pins. If someone can let me know if I need a decoder or just a direct connection to the FPGA I would really appreciate it.  


Thanks for any and all help. 

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you will need an analogue to digital converter that converts video signals, and then a d to a for the output. NTSC is an analogue format that an FPGA cannot read directly. 


What are you planning on doing with the video? if you intend to have a latency > a few lines, you will need some external ram as a video buffer too.
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