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PCI IP CORE Simulation Problem

Honored Contributor II

Hi , 


I am studying on pci interface with Cyclone2.I try to generate PCI IP core via megawizard plug ın menager.After parametrizing the core , I try to setting up simulation file but ıt is failed.When I push the generate button I see error warning  


The Error is " MegaCore Function Generation Error 

IP Functional Simulation Model Creation Failed.The following error was returned : 

Error :Quartus 2 32-bit Analaysis & Synthesis was unsuccessful.19 errors , 1 warning "  


That is the pop-up window and The warning don't say what are the errors , and what are their error code .I can't click the on the error and I don't know what they are or what obstruct me to generating the simulation file for PCI - MT32 IP Core 


Not : I have licence file for IP Core , I use Quartus 2 web edition 12.0 and I also have ModelSim 10.1 SE 


If you help me about that problem ,I will really appreciate it, Thanks in advance
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