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PCI configuration writes not working

I have a 64-bit PCI master/target that I build in SOPC Builder v11.1 SP2. (We want the Avalon-MM back end, and this is the last version where this is available.) 


I am using the Altera PCI test bench to generate PCI transactions. The first thing that happens is a configuration write of 0x0147 to the Command Register; the transaction appears to happen correctly (the Altera PCI monitor in the test bench indicates no problems). A little later this register is read back, but the contents are still 0x0000. Following that, some memory and I/O reads are attempted, but all are aborted because the PCI does not respond, presumable because it has not been enabled for either I/O or memory reads due to the failed configuration write. 


Has anyone else had this experience? Can anyone suggest a solution for what might be happening here? 


I've attached screen captures of both the command register write and read transactions.
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