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PCIE HIP Register Creation in the App layer?

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Hi everybody! 


I'm using the example 'PCIe HIP for Avalon ST' Generation 1, 4 Lanes, provided by Altera which can be found in a similar directory as mine C:\altera\13.1\ip\altera\altera_pcie\altera_pcie_hip_ast_ed\example_design\cv\ pcie_de_gen1_x4_ast64.qsys . Once it is compiled, it can easily add new registers in the file ‘altpcierd_reg_access.v‘ . Just modifying the case loop seen in line 195.  


case (reg_rd_addr_reg[7:0]) 

{MISC, WRITE_DMA_STATUS_REG_HI}: reg_rd_data <= write_dma_status_reg[63:32]; 

{MISC, WRITE_DMA_STATUS_REG_LO}: reg_rd_data <= write_dma_status_reg[31:0]; 

{MISC, READ_DMA_STATUS_REG_HI} : reg_rd_data <= read_dma_status_reg[63:32]; 

{MISC, READ_DMA_STATUS_REG_LO} : reg_rd_data <= read_dma_status_reg[31:0]; 

{ERR_STATUS, 4'h0} : reg_rd_data <= err_status_reg; 

{DMA_WRITE_PRG, 4'h0}, 

{DMA_WRITE_PRG, 4'h4}, 

{DMA_WRITE_PRG, 4'h8}, 

{DMA_WRITE_PRG, 4'hC} : reg_rd_data <= dma_wr_prg_rddata_reg; 

{DMA_READ_PRG, 4'h0}, 

{DMA_READ_PRG, 4'h4}, 

{DMA_READ_PRG, 4'h8}, 

{DMA_READ_PRG, 4'hC} : reg_rd_data <= dma_rd_prg_rddata_reg; 

// my new register : reg_rd_data <= what_I_want_2_send; 

default : reg_rd_data <= 32'h0; 



This new register can be read by a host computer, but not modified, so for constants is perfect, but not data which should be modified... so has anyone any idea about how to create a register which can be modified? and how to use the DMA? 


I am using a Cyclone V 5CGXFC7D7F31C8ES in a own board designed and it is not possible to use the other example for Avalon MM. thanks for your time. 




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