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PCIe BFM for Arria II GX

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So I'm trying to follow the Qsys Design Example chapter from the IP Compiler for PCI Express manual, but for an Arria II GX rather than a Spartan IV. Under Quartus II 13.1 this worked just fine. I had to change to 4x lanes and Maximum RX credits, but that's all easy, and it generated my testbench, and I eventually managed to wrestle that testbench into my simulator and get it to run. 


Then I tried migrating it to 14.1.1. Now when I try to generate the Qsys testbench, I get the message Error: hip_a2gx_gen1x4_tb.: Component pcie_hard_ip_0_pcie_bfm_0 does not support selected device family Arria II GX 


Has Altera actually removed the Arria II GX BFM support from this core in 14.1? Has Arria II become another family that I can't expect to be supported past 13.1?
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Testbench generation for Arria II GX appears to be broken since v14.0 and 14.1 due to a bug. 

It looks like currently the workaround is using Quartus II v13.1 to generate the testbench for simulation.
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