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PCIe Polarity Reversal, w/ PCIe Hard IP Block, Arria II GX45

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I would like to confirm that the Arria II GX PCIe Hard IP block automatically supports Lane Polarity Inversion (signals swapped). 


Can someone please point me at the Altera Spec which would confirm this, I've exhausted all possible word combinations on altera.com and alteraforum.com. 


Many Thanks, 


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I went through the Wizard pages of the PCIe IP and the PCIe transceiver settings for both Hard and Soft implementation and it does not look like you can reverse the polarity. The usual switches are greyed out. I know polarity inversion is supported in other protocols (I am currently doing that with an Arria II GX, but with the transceivers running in Basic mode.) MySupport would have a more accurate answer though. Sometimes they have switches that are not in the Wizard GUI.

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Arria II GX PCIe hard IP does supports lane reversal and polarity inversion automatically. 

Information can be found at section 'Lane Initialization and Reversal' of the IP Compiler for PCIe User Guide.