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Pre-purchase evaluation, Deinterlace and frame rate conversion

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I am evaluating the possibility of including an Altera FPLA (Cyclone II?) in a new product design. Before spending more time on it, I would like to make sure that the FPLA can indeed do the job and for a cost we can afford, versus other options. 


Please look at my outline below and let me know if I'm missing anything and if the FPLA I have chosen can do the job, relative to pin count, number of (blocks?), and so fourth. Then please suggest to me a ballpark price for the necessary IP. 


Outside FPLA: 

TI TVP5147 NTSC->Digital decoder, produces BT656 digital data stream 

Inside FPLA: 

BT656 input, 30 frames per second (60 fields per second), interlaced, 4:2:2 

deinterlace, so after this we have progressive scan, don't know if this is 4:4:4 or not 

I guess I want the Deinterlacer I using triple buffered external DDR or DDR2 

frame rate conversion (need anything between 40fps and 85fps, assuming 60fps) 

BT??? output. Not sure yet what THS8200 needs to make RGB out.  

Outside FPLA: 

TI THS8200 Digital->RGB decoder, output needs to be analog RGB like VGA or SVGA 

eMagin SVGA (Rev3) OLED-XL display 


So in the end, I'm able to drive my OLED microdisplay from an NTSC input, and see color on the OLED display (not monochrome as almost all the third party solutions I've found). 


Next, IP costs... 


Next, I actually wonder if we can farm this part out to someone (like you)? 


Thanks very much, 

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You can look at some examples that are done on the Neek evaluation board Cyclone III (EP3C25F324): 

http://www.alterawiki.com/wiki/altera's_video_and_image_processing_suite_demo_on_the_neek?gsa_pos=1&wt.oss_r=1&wt.oss=neek video demo 


This examples can give you a good reference for the size needed for this task.