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Problems with debugging VIP suite

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Hello All, 


I'm having an interesting problem. 


I recently updated to Quartus 10.0, had some problems so I regressed to 9.0sp2; having had similar problems in the past with 9.1. Since I've regressed I can't debug my VIP system properly. Here is my system: 


SXGA RGB444 -> CVI -> Scaler -> FrameBuf -> Mixer (w/ black background) -> CVO 


Essentially, my code runs well when it's programmed into my EPCS and booted; the whole vip suite functions well. But when I try to debug my NIOS, i.e. set breakpoints, step etc, my CVI doesn't work (I believe). The scaler scales, the mixer mixes and places layers, but I get blank from the CVI... 


I was wondering if the FIFO of the CVI is filling up before the scaler is turned on, owing to the lines executing slowing during NIOS debug. 


Any advice, tips, help, suggestions, comments greatly appreciated. Brent.
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I haven't got the answer for your problem, but just wanted to mention: If you think the problem lies in the start of the scaler, you can turn on the runtime configuration for the cvi and configure it from your nios-core to start as the last component. There are control registers for the cvi (but I am using 9.1, don't know if they are added in that version). So perhaps give that a try. (Perhaps you even must not configure all registers of the CVI, do the configuration in the sopc-Builder and in the NIOS just try using IOWR(ALT_VIP_CTI_0_BASE, 0, 1) could get it running, perhaps. The benefit is, you can then read the fifo used words by reading at offset 3 I think, so you can easily see from the NIOS if you have got your overflow there)