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Qsys System and IP Manteinance Repository

Hi to all , i want to create a structure of Ips that has been maintained via repository ( I prefer cvs , but also git is a chance ) 


I have a HPS Qsys System dir with several children Ips (transceivers,pcie,uart,spi interfaces ) 

Another dir with Custom Ips (Some Ips that are not directly connected to hps system) 


My question is What is the best solution to mantain the repository? What kinds of file should be check in (.ip of course, hw_ip.tcl ,qsys file and ?)  


What kind of control will I insert to prevent out of date of ips ? I want to check the version and update via script . 


Could give you me some examples of compliant repository structure to have a robust repository ? 


Best Regards
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