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Quartus II 9.1 IP and IPs for older Quartus

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I am using Quartus II 9.1 and have 2 questions regarding DSP IPs: 


1) Which FIR compiler is included with Quartus II (9.1 and current): is it FIR Compiler or FIR Compiler II? 


2) With my version of Quartus II 9.1, I seem to have only FIR Compiler (I), so I wanted to testdrive FIR Compiler II. Is it possible to evaluate an IP from the IP MegaStore in an older version of Quartus II? 


In the MegaWizard Plug-In manager I selected IP Megastore->DSP->Filtering->FIR Compiler 9.0, then clicked "Download Core", but that directed me to a page telling me that "IP library is built into the Quartus® II software download file and installation process" leaving no other choice than downloading the full 10.1 Quartus II. 

I only wanted to try out FIR Compiler II with my 9.1 edition of Quartus II. 


(Note that I have a valid license for the Subscription Edition, but I do not want to switch version in the middle o a design). 


Thanks for your help, 


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