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[RAPIDIO_II] BIG PROBLEM with Rapidio II Modelsim Simulation TB

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I am trying to simulate the RapidioII core generated using the Megawizard in the Quartus 13.0.1 SJ edition by following all the steps in the User Guide. I noticed that there is no simple black box of this core that I can use directly in my testbench so I am trying to use the provided sv testbench. I have not succeeded even though I followed these steps : 

1. Go into the modelsim directory where the msim_setup.tcl is, launch the msim_setup (my modelsim : Modelsim Altera Starter Edition 10.1d) 

2. Set the TOP_LEVEL_NAME rapidio2.tb_rio (the IP has been created with the name rapidio2 

3. ld 

4. Add waves..  

5. run -all.  


Doing this, i can see that the reset goes high after a certain time but the rapidio2 cores, sister and the main one, are stuck at port_initialized ='0', which blocks the simulation. How do i remedy this? 


Thank you.
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