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SD 3.0 host controller implementation using simplified spec (UHS-ii mode)

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Hello,I wish to develop a SD 3.0 host controller core in UHS-ii mode using just the simplified spec delivered by SD Association (I don't know whether there is another better free resource), and:1-till now, I still can't confirm if just that simplified spec is enough to get this core up, i hope not to go through a dead end road..2- the reason beside attempting to develop this core from the bottom point is the high license cost of SD controller, thus will i need to cover those huge fees even if i take this approach (develop my own core using simplified spec for just research purpose). But if i do need to, there is some practical way to get ride of it? (i will appreciate if you can also share with me the references if possible).3- Knowing that i'm not very familiarised with FPGA design, how much time it would take to complete this work?I will appreciate any help,thanks,Saad.

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