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SDI II IP Core on Stratix 10 GX Development Kit (L Tile)




My team recently purchased a Stratix 10 GX Development Kit (L Tile) and were hoping to use the SDI ports on the board for video processing.


The IP core at the link below says that the IP core supports Stratix 10 devices but the documentation says that it only supports the H-Tile versions of the Stratix 10.


Is there any way to get the IP core to work with the L-Tile version of the development kit? My understanding of the IP core on the newer FPGAs is that it is just the protocol for SDI and transceived information is fed into the IP core.


Alternatively is there a different IP core to evaluate the SDI ports on the board?





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Hi David, As I understand it, you have some inquiries related to the support of SDI II IP in S10 L-Tile devices. For your information, your understanding is correct, currently, SDI II IP only supports S10 H-Tile devices. It is not supported in L-Tile devices. Based on my understanding, there is currently no other IP core from PSG to evaluate the SDI ports on the board. Sorry for the inconvenience. For your information, I am currently consulting Factory to see if they are aware of any future plan of support. I will update you on the progress by end of next week or as soon as there is any valid response from them. Please ping me if you do not hear back from me. Please let me know if there is any concern. Thank you. Best regards, Chee Pin
Hi David, Just to update you on our consultation with Factory. I have just receive some response from them. As I understand it, they are currently looking in adding support for SDI II IP in S10 L-Tile device in the future Quartus release. However, there is no further detail on the specific schedule yet. Based on my understanding, they are looking at next major release of Quartus. Sorry for the inconvenience.