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SGDMA is not generating SOP/EOP

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I'm using the mem-to-stream configuration of the SGMDA IP. I'm using SignalTap to monitor the transfers. I do see the data transferring but there is no sop or eop with the transfer. I am using the API so this looks like it should be easy: 


alt_avalon_sgdma_construct_mem_to_stream_desc ( 

&TxMemPktsToCaviumDesc_DMA[k][i], // descriptor 

i==0?&TxMemPktsToCaviumDesc_DMA[k][i+1]:0, // next descriptor 

TxMemPacketsToCaviumBuf[i+(k*8)], // read pointer 

0, // buffer length (in bytes) 

0, // write not fixed 

1, // SOP enabled for avalon-st interface 

1, // EOP enabled for avalon-st interface 

0 /* there is only 1 channel */ ); 


I can get just an eop if I specify GENERATE_EOP in the DESC_CONTROL BIT Map. 

Does anyone know what the issue might be?
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I didn't get any ideas from the forum but what I found out is the descriptor is controlling the SOP/EOP generation. After I set the WRITE_FIXED_ADDRESS bit in the descriptor.control field I started getting SOP/EOPs. I'm still confused why I have to set the descriptor.control fields instead of the API parameters for SOP and EOP.

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