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Sharing the ASMI interface problem

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I am trying to get access to the external SPI flash (EPCQ256) from a microcontroller through the Cyclone V fpga. I have created the altera_serial_loader IP block to get access to the flash. I am able to write into the flash (to the pin DQ0) but while reading from the flash(from the pin DQ1), the data from the pin for which the output data is being sent is not being connected to the IP block's data_out pin. I have set the data_or pin in the IP block to "4'd1" in which except for the AS data pin 0 all the other 3 pins should act as an input, but I am having trouble in getting the data out to the IP block(i.e.) the output pin from the flash to get connected to the IP block. 


If anyone knows the solution for this problem, kindly guide me through in what I should do. 



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