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Simple IP creation fail

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Hello all, 


I am trying to create an IP component for the need of a project (home-made avalon master ans simulation with slave BFM). 

Under the component editor of Platform Designer/Qsys, I run into some error when adding my hand-written master and analyzing it: 

Error: Family Cyclone 10 GX is not installed Error: Error (P0): Flow failed: Current design not found Info: Warning: Quartus Prime Synthesis was unsuccessful. 2 errors, 0 warnings  


However, as I only want to use this component for my Arria 10-based project, I don't need any Cyclone (nor Stratix) family components. 

Is it possible to bypass this checks ? 

I would be glad not not have to install the other two families for nothing ... 


I attached the complete Qsys log if relevant. 


Thanks !
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Some update: installing the device bundle solved the issue, but this is not surprising. 

However, I still would like to uninstall the ~50Gb I downloaded "just to see"! Any clue on a bypass?
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