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Simulating in ModelSim-Altera a Block Diagram

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Hi everyone! 


I have created a varied alt_pll from altera MegaCore. 

To test it I made a TB based on BDF such that the input signals to the alt_pll are from other block named "clk_reset_tb" which output a clock and reset as I defined inside it. 


As I understood, to simulate in ModelSim-Altera using NativeLink one must to have a VHDL file format and not a BDF, so I created from the BDF a VHDL file using the file -> create/update... 

I should mentioned that the VHDL file is "connecting" the blocks using the SYNTHESIZED_WIRE_0 and SYNTHESIZED_WIRE_1 internal signals. 



That's Ok, However, when I tried to simulate it in ModelSim-Altera it's shows me only the internal signals - SYNTHESIZED_WIRE_0 and SYNTHESIZED_WIRE_1 as the input signals to the alt_pll block, and not the clk+reset signals I wanted. 



Is there any way to present the clk and reset to ModelSim-Altera using that method (BDF)...?  



ThanX in advance
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