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Sir, I'm currently working with ALTGX and ALTGX_RECONFIG mega functions to develop SFPDP IP core but i'm not able to dynamically reconfigure the two instances. Do i need to generate mif file? Kindly reply Thanks in advance

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I understand that you have another Forum thread on this as well which I have responded earlier today. If this inquiry is similar to the other thread, for your information, your understanding is correct, the ALTGX_RECONFIG is required to be connected to the ALTGX in order for the offset cancellation to work correctly. If you are not using any dynamic rate change, you would not need to control the ALTGX_RECONFIG instance during user mode. The offset cancellation will auto take place during device power up.


If this inquiry is different from the other thread, would you mind to further elaborate on the issue that you are referring to as unable to dynamic reconfigure the two instances? Just would like to check with you what is the specific dynamic reconfiguration mode that you intend to perform? For example, data rate change?


Please let me know if there is any concern. Thank you.


Best regards,

Chee Pin

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