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Stratix10 Native XCVR IP and ATX PLL Reconfig Bus Hangs



We have errors accessing most reconfig registers on transceiver on the Transceiver.

We’re using Stratix10 1SGLU2F50 device, compiled with Quartus Prime Pro 21.2.


We have instantiated 1 ATX PLL and 4 Native Transceivers, Transceivers are configured for custom mode.   All 5 (1 ATX PLL + 4 XCVR) have reconfig bus enabled, on Avalon Bus, with Nios2 as the master. 

We are issuing master_read_8 and master_write_8 commands from system console.


For each of the Transceivers and ATX PLL, we can only read read-only registers. 

For example: Read to 0x481 (a read only reg) is successful, and returns value of 0x34.  (tx&rx cal not busy, PreSICE has control of config bus, and tx*rx cal busy outputs are enabled)


When we try to read a read-write registers, or any writes.  The bus hangs.  The Read/Write input to XCVR/ATXPLL goes high, and stuck high, while waiting for waitreq to go low.  Waitreq from XCVR/ATXPLL never goes low.


For Example: Reading from 0x000 or Writing to bit0 of 0x000 to take control of config bus from PreSICE, but bus hangs, write and waitreq are both stuck high. 


Attached are 2 screenshots of

  • Successful read of read-only registers 0x481  (value of 0x34 returned in sysconsole, but readdatabus says 0x000)
  • Bus hangs when trying to read register x0.


Also another issue is that Transceiver Toolkit crashes with java error.  Could be related to the r/w problem to reconfig bus.

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Can you please check have you enabled the options in the TX PLL and Native PHY IP mentioned in the below link.


Also, I am sharing a script please execute it and then try to read-write the registers.

Steps to execute that script.

Step 1: Goto system console file option.

Step2: Click on execute script and select the script. Click OK.

After that try to read-write the registers.

eg. % rd_channel $phy 0 0 0x144 1

Hope this will resolve your issue.

Thank you

Kshitij Goel



Please download the file from below link.


Thank you

Kshitij Goel