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TCP/IP Solution for DE2-70(urgent)


I am Junaid Sarwar doing my Final year project on Altera De2-70; 

i have multiple questions 


1.Is lwip is used with dm9000 if yes then how plz post some link of tutorial . there is Dm9000 controller Compatible with niche stack or there is some other way to do that. 


3.where can i get micrium TCP/IP Evaluation version fr my board because on there site they only give TCP/ip which is ported to Windows. 


4.How to install uClinux and have a solution of TCP/IP with Dm9000 


5.Can i used triple speed Ethernet Core provided by altera sopc on Dm9000 

as Niche stack is supported by triple speed ethernet. 


6.can i used 9.1 avalon opencores 10/100 ethernet mac 


de2-70 with dm9000 to get niche stack working 



Respected Members i am in big trouble so kindly help to do this job answer the question which you know and thanks in advance for your kind Help and suggestion .i have found many post about this cant get a workable solution 





Muhammad Junaid sarwar
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