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THD+N (Asin wt)

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Hi. I generated 1 sine wave(24bit output[23:0]). In order to control the amplitude, the output multiply with a ratio(fixed point multiplier). for fix point multiplication,  


verilog declaration  

sin [23:-10]//zero pad  

ratio [0:-10]  

result_mult [24:-20]  


Asin <= result[23:0]  


After the simulation, i realised that the THD+N is 74(-80db to -6)(the THD+N of sine wave without multiplier is infinity).  


May i know what is the problem to cause this? How to reduce this?  

Any better way to control the amplitude? using floating point mult?  


Besides, why the result_mult have to be [24:-20] instead of [23:-20]? if use [23:-20]. the result_mult always 2 times less than the correct one.  


thanks a lot
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