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TSE 1000BASE-X PCS only w/lvds xcvr block

Okay I'm a noob so bear with me,  


We've been trying to get the MegaWizard plugin -> TSE pcs w/o mac block (1000BASEX-X/SGMII PCS only) to do something for a couple of weeks. I have the Stratix IV GX development board that has the SGMII interface to the Marvel PHY. I have a custom stripped down version of a mac that uses the gmii interface to talk to the PCS and a custom MDIO interface that talks to the phy. I use nios to talk to the phy ( via our MDIO interface), mac (custom interface) and to the PCS.  


The phy is configured for SGMII mode (default -verified) with AutoNeg disabled, and 1G speed. 


The PCS IF_MODE register set to 0x09 (1G, SGMII_ENA) AutoNeg is disabled 


The Control Register is set to 0x140 (1G, Full Duplex) - this is the reset values. 


The PCS status register contains 0x0D ( AutoNeg Ability, LINK_STATUS, EXTENDED CAPABILITY). Not sure why LINK_STATUS as the MDIO interface is separate.. 


My problem is that nothing seems to pass through the PCS (tx or rx and I'm not sure how to tell if it's setup correctly..or if it needs the MDIO interface to work. We had the mac interface setup working on a stratix III via dev board (via gmII) but now we're trying to get it to work on the Stratix IV via SGMII. 


We only need to send/receive short messages via this interface so it doesn't need a lot of overhead.. 


Any insight as to what we're missing would be much appreciated.. 


Thanks in advance. 

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Did you consider putting in the full MAC implementation first to verify that your LVDS interface is indeed working properly? Then you could move down to the PCS only implementation.