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TSE MAC connected to SPI bridge

Hi all, 

Has everyone of you ever tried to build a bridge between TSE MAC and a serial port, spi or other? 

I already have it connected with dma to a Nios2 processor but I now need a high performance channel to another external processor. This one will simply send and recv raw ethernet frames through a serial port, so the intermediate passage on Nios would be a waste of time and resources. 

I thought I could keep the tse control port connected to Nios for initialization and then use the Avalon-ST SPI bridge to transfer data. 

Is this possible? Do tse support such a way of operation? 

Would I need to implement a complicated protocol on spi or can I simply send and receive packet data with minimal effort? 

Is there any example or ref design available?  

I know these are a lot of questions, but I need to know if it makes sense to start hitting this road or find other solutions. 


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