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TSE_MAC error

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Hello all: 


I'm building a cyclone III custom board integrating a GigabitEthernet interface. In SOPC builder I have the TSEMAC connected to a SGDMA_TX and a SGDMA_RX. When running the simple_socket_server example I'm facing the following issue: 


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triple_speed_ethernet_init 0 

prep_tse_mac 0 

your ethernet mac address is 00:07:ed:ff:8f:11 

prepped 1 interface, initializing... 


tse_mac_init 0 

info : tse mac 0 found at address 0x00000400 

info : phy marvell 88e1111 found at phy address 0x12 of mac group[0] 

info : phy[0.0] - automatically mapped to tse_mac_device[0] 

info : phy[0.0] - restart auto-negotiation, checking phy link... 

info : phy[0.0] - auto-negotiation passed 

info : phy[0.0] - checking link... 

info : phy[0.0] - link established 

info : phy[0.0] - speed = 1000, duplex = full 

ok, x=1, cmd_config=0x00000000 


mac post-initialization: cmd_config=0x0400020b 

[tse_sgdma_read_init] rx descriptor chain desc (1 depth) created 

mctest init called 

ip address of et1 : 

created "inet main" task (prio: 2) 

created "clock tick" task (prio: 3) 

no free buffers for rx 

no free buffers for rx 

no free buffers for rx 

no free buffers for rx 

and so on 


Is it a HW related problem or a software related one? Could you please give any advice on a possible cause/solution? 


Thanks in advance, 

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You're overflooding receive buffers. The buffer becomes full, software tries to check what packet it is and finally disables reception. FIFO overflows and You get that error.

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Thanks Socrates.  


And what do you think is the cause of the error? Is it HW or SW? We don't get that message in other board designed some time ago (same schematic as this one).  



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If the software is the same and You get the error to this one - then I would say it's a hardware problem. But I am pretty sure it's software issue. Well, basically, not software, but probably fpga logic if You use channels for ethernet packets in Avalon-ST interconnect.