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Transceiver Phy output on Putty Terminal



I have simulated my altera transceiver custom phy ip in modelsim and it is simulated well and fine. Now I want to see the output on putty terminal because I connected the received data to LEDS but the LEDS are blinking too fast so I cannot see anything. Is there any way to see transceiver received data on putty terminal? What do I do to see the received data on putty terminal​

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Hie, My apologies for the delayed response as i had a few cases titled Transceiver Phy output, hence I assumed I have answered this case. Intel FPGA does not offer a putty terminal to observe the signals or nodes in the FPGA fabric. Instead, if you just want to observe, please use the Signaltap Tool provided with our Quartus Prime software. You can observe the receiver parallel data using signaltap. Please check more details on Signaltap in the following link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DCUhsezqydQ Regards, Nathan