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Unable to acitvate 88e1111 on DEII-115

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I am unable to actvate the 88e1111 on my DE2-115. (Nios is running, config with cpu, on chip mem, 2xscattergather DMA, and 1 TSE, as in the docmentation of various tutorials, RGMII is set via jumper and selected in QSYS) 


I narrowed down my problem to a very simple program (based on the examples and the Altera Triple-Speed ethernet docs). 


First observation is that even the link LED on my switch does not come up. (cable and switch were tested with a PC). The speed leds on the DE2-115 indication the PHY baud rate and other leds near the chip stay dark. 


The data sheet of the 88e1111 cannot be found, this not helping. 



1) What are the minimum requirements to get the link up ? Is this done by the PHY by itself (i assume) ? Does it suffice to initialize the MAC adresses, the MDIO space 0, and the right value in register 16 of the PHY. 


2) I can read and write the scratch register and read the TSE version. But if i use the following code to reset the PHY, nios hangs: 


alt_printf(" Software reset of PHY chip and wait ... \n"); *(tse + 0x80) = *(tse + 0x80) | 0x8000; while ( *(tse + 0x80) & 0x8000 ); alt_printf(" Software reset of PHY chip ok ! \n");  


I included a print of my qsys configuration, a copy of the instantiation and my C program as a .doc. 


Many thanks in advance. 

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Hi Johi, 


the marwell datasheet can be found on www.eeworld.com.cn 

Sorry I haven't read your code yet, but the tse_tutorial.c and tse_tutorial.v from using_triple_speed_ethernet work fine on DE115 board. 

These codes were written for 1000 speed. I don't know for other speed. 

On DE115 the hardware is only for RGMII ( I asked terasic and the schematic shows it). 

If you want to only use the 1000 speed the marwell ( and some other chips ) are set in this mode when reset. 

The DDR is necessary. 

The demo code tse_tutorial is a goog start. 

I hope it will be helpfull. 

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Hi garfieldminou, 


Thanks for the answer. I was unable to retrieve the datasheet from the site you mentioned. The site is in a language i do not understand, it seems chinese or japanese or some other language i do not speak. 


In the mean time i have got the DE115 tse example working. The pin assignment of te Terrasic application builder and that of the DE115 of tse the example are different. Once i found this i got the example working. Morover, sometimes the leds on the 88e1111 are activated just by loading the nios code. Sometimes they need a reset from the .c code to light up. In an other example they only start working when you actually send data.  

Best Regards, 

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