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Usage of ALTFP_CONVERT while converting integer to floating point

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I am trying to use the ALTFP_CONVERT mega function. I see a port called "distance" which is 5 bits wide. What is the purpose of this port? I was unable to find a mention of it in the documentation. There is no connection to it in the sample declaration in the _inst.vhd file which the wizard generated. I chose all the default options and didn't change anything. I opted to not have a clock enable or asynchronous reset. Also, does anyone know what the latency of this module is? The vhdl file says 2 cycles but that is for something called a barrel shift.  


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I believe, you see "distance" as an optional port of one of the subentities used in the altfp function. All default and optional ports are clearly described in the ALTFP_CONVERT chapter of the Floating-Point Megafunctions users guide, also the latency of int2float is clearly stated (6 clock cycles). Did you review the full pdf document?