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V-Series Avalon-MM DMA Interface PCI-E MSI example

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Dear All, 


I need some example project for implementing MSI / MSI-X for "V-Series Avalon-MM DMA Interface" IP core. 


My status is: 



  1. I was using Avalon-MM Cyclone V HIP for PCI-Express, and familiar with legacy interrupt a few years ago. 

  2. Now, There is a niche requirement asking me to use the DMA interface, but by the meanwhile open a low-speed channel to report certain events back to the host. 

  3. I am looking at implementing MSI (which is new to me). 



The issue is I am missing the correct direction for the documents. The MSI knowledge on the IP core user guides and application notes are rarely mentioned. 


So, can anyone point me a right direction for implementing MSI Interrupt for "V-Series Avalon-MM DMA Interface" 


Plus, in the QSys, I saw the IP exported most MSI signals as conduits, except "MsiControl_o[15:0]" Can anyone tell me how to make it "show-up"? 


Thanks and Regards, 

Xu Li 





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A quick follow up: Thanks to Jeff, the link below helps a lot with PCI-E MSI and MSI-X: