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VHDL simulation of Uniphy DDR3 controller

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I have no idea what I'm doing wrong. 

I'm generating a VHDL DDR3 Uniphy controller with the MegaWizard (Quartus 10.1). 


I wanted to simulate the example design, but I 'm running into 2 problems: 

- all testbench files in <variation_name>_example_design_fileset folder are Verilog only (including testbench top, example driver, ...) 

- the simulation oriented version of the controller <variation_name>_sim folder is a VHDL file (an encrypted .vho file), but it does not compile correctly in ModelSim! 


Did anyone succeed in simulating Uniphy in VHDL language? 


Note: of course I don't have a Verilog license available for ModelSim. 


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this was an issue 10.0, but was supposed to be fixed in 10.1: 




maybe the work around provided in the errata will help
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Thank you for pointing me to this errata list. 


According to this list, the root cause of my problem is that I should not use the half rate bridge feature (feature that allows to implement a local interface with half the rate of the clock sent to the memory device). 

Unfortunately, the document states that: 

- The half rate bridge feature is not supported by Quartus 10.1 

- The half rate bridge feature is supported by Quartus 10.0, but attempts to generate a VHDL IP leads to verilog files. 


This means that UniPHY is not a usable option for me yet. 


I'll switch back to a good old ALTMEMPHY solution then ...