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VIP: Avalon ST-Video to Avalon MM Slave (store frames to memory)

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Hi there 


I'm quite new to Qsys and to the VIP Suite. What i'm trying to do is to store video frames (or part of them) from my camera into an external memory (like SDRAM or to on-chip memory) to send them later over Ethernet to another device. 


Reading frames from the camera and display them on a LCD works perfectly. 

Sending data or small images over Ethernet works also perfectly. 


The problem stays now just how to store somewhere my frames and read them. I have already tried several ways: 


  • stream the video packets to a Frame Buffer and then to an On-Chip FIFO Memory with Avalon ST-Sink as input and Avalon MM Read Slave as output. Didn't work why I guess there was a problem with data format 

  • stream the video packets into a Frame Buffer and leave the output unused and then try with Nios to read data directly from the SDRAM. Didn't work because Quartus couldn't synthesize the design. 



I'm sure there is a way to do that.. I just don't know how. Finally my IP should have following interfaces: 


  • Avalon ST-Video Sink as input 

  • Avalon MM Slave as output for reading data from Nios 

  • Interrupt to know when a new frame is available 



I have also read something about double-buffering.. Do I have to create my own custom IP? 


Is there somebody that can help me or give to me some suggestions? Or maybe is there already an IP of Altera that do that?
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Check SGDMA examples.

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