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VIP Suite (CVI, Frame Buffer, CVO) Vertical Ancillary packet problem

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I need help on how to successfully transport the Vertical Ancillary (VANC) packet from with the configuration below. 

----(embedded video sync)---> CVI ---> Frame Buffer ---> CVO ----(embedded video sync)----> 


The input video format is 1080i60, Vertical ancillary packet at lines 19 and 20 for Field 0 and lines 582 and 583 for Field 1. 


CVI setting : Extract ancillary packet (checked) 

Frame Buffer setting: Set the value of non-video packet handling setting to maximum. 

CVO setting : set the appropriate ancillary insertion lines 


The problem is that all the vertical ancillary packet has been concatenated in line 19 of Field 0 as seen on the output of CVO. 

When I tried to simulate using a smaller video size (i.e. 128x128) and set the ancillary line for Field 1 to the appropriate line number for 128x128 video size, I have noticed that cause of the concatenation is from the Frame Buffer. 

I am using Quartus 14.1. 


Does anyone experienced this problem? 


Thank you. 


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