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VIP license problem IP core DeinterlacerII / Stream Cleaner

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Hi folks, 


I am facing a license problem regarding the DeinterlacerII core from the Altera VIP ( Altera Video and Image Processing Suite). Since switching to Quartus Prime Standard Edition v16.1 a design made in Qsys with lots of IP core from the VIP cannot be processed to an .rbf file and the .sof file is time limited. The reason is a non licensed IP core integrated in the DeinterlacerII core called stream cleaner. A colleague can process the whole design with Quartus Prime Standard Edition v16.0 without problems using the same license provided by a license server. 


The Stream Cleaner Core can optionally be included in the DeinterlacerII core. Without Stream Cleaner the whole design does not work smoothly. I think that we have the complete license for VIP here at Ascending Technologies (part of Intel) although the Stream Cleaner is not listed explicitly in the Quartus License Setup. But the Stream Cleaner is listed in the VIP User Guide and thus is part of the VIP. It would also not make sense to have a license for Deinterlacer Core which is disturbed by an integrated IP Core like Stream Cleaner... 


Anyone facing the same problem? What can be done? 



Johannes Herzig
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The problem was solved by updating to Quartus Prime Standard Edition v16.1.2 - but that was done for another reason and coincidentally solved this problem too.

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