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VIP mixer II stalls

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I am seeing strange behavior from the mixer II VIP core version 16.0. I have it configured for a 1024x768 background (solid color) plus three inputs streams. The input streams have upstream scalers so their size can be controlled. When any of the input streams are set to full size and located at offset 0,0 the mixer operates as expected and the video appears on the display. When an input to the mixer is smaller than 1024x768 and it is given n x offset of 0 (e.g. 0,0 or 0,80) the mixer stalls (output stops). If the origin of the window is anywhere but the left edge of the display (i.e. x offset not = 0) the mixer works as expected and the smaller window is displayed on the solid background. What is even more confusing is that I have another path in my design that is nearly identical except that its output is 1920x1080. This path works fine (small windows in the mixer can be placed at 0,y with no ill effects). Are there any known issues with this core?

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