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What Altera VIP blocks don't work as advertised?

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It should only take a couple of days to write and test if you are familiar with VIP and Avalon. 


Then you wouldn't have to use the Altera one anymore. 

I have written my own versions of a lot of blocks in the VIP family 

because of the same problem that you are having now. 

There is no good way to debug them when they don't work as advertised. 

Also I have found that when I wrote my own VIP block, it used 

substantially fewer resources compared to the Altera one. 

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What Altera VIP blocks don't work as advertised? 

Maybe You would publish at least Your own VIP Errata list or even Your own VIP blocks? 

That could greatly help the others!
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I found several issue : 

- Scaler II  

- Gamma corrector  


Those issue where found in the Quartus v11. I will check in few weeks if it had been corrected.
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Could I ask what issues you have found with the Scaler II?