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Working with AN328: DDR2 SDRAM with Stratix IIGX

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I'm trying to create simple DDR2 example from AN328 document. I currently have Stratix II GX PCIe development board and am trying to build simple DDR2 interface using HPC. I'm using Quartus II 10.0 for this. I followed the steps from page 11 AN328. The compilation had no timing errors, and the functional simulation is good too.  


When I verified the final on PCIe board, I didn't get any response from test_complete and pnf output. So, I used the signaltap to monitor Altmemphy interface. The first local_burstbegin is same as the simulation, but the local_init_done never comes active. I have attached the screen shot of signaltap and qsf for the project. 


Can you shine some light on this?  



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Here is quick update. When I used Quartus 9.0, the example problem works. There is some difference between megawizard 9 and 10. Do not know what it is yet.