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confused : what megawizard stuff is useable untethered in web edition ?

Honored Contributor II

Hi all, 


I have done a bit of reading up, but still confused. must be me ;-) 


situation : hobbyist, DE0 nano, quartus 12 web edition, verilog. 


under megawizard there are a lot of pre-cooked modules.  

I used a PLL. I wanted to use FFT.  

It seems PLL is useable for free and keeps working untethered, but FTT is not (according to the FFT userguide). 


what subset of IP in the megawizard will still be working after an hour when I put my DE0 into my RC boat ? 


it would be a bummer to discover these tricks only after investing so  

much time in using the FPGA & the devtool.  


is the IP stuff maybe only a subset of what is offered in the megawizard ? 

can you tell from the name perhaps ? 


Thanks for any light you can shed on this. 





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