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no Chroma Resampler for Arria 10?

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Table 1-3 in the latest VIP Suite UG shows that the Chroma Resampler core will not be supported in the Arria 10 family: 




Is the document correct? If so, is this a permanent situation or will the core eventually be ported to Arria 10? If permanent, what alternatives are available from Altera? 


This is a pretty critical function that is needed when going from RGB to YCbCr 4:2:0 at the input to a JPEG or MPEG encoder. Seems hard to believe it would be dropped from the suite. 


Edit: I also heard a rumor that the VIP suite was going to be enhanced to support 4k video vs. the current 2600x2600 limit for most of the cores. True or false? If true, approximately when will that be rolled out? 


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Disregard. I got the scoop from our distributor FAE this morning.

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