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pcie ip core interface

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now i am doing a project with pci express based and choose the cyclone 4 gx epc4gx75  


i already generated files using avlon st megawizard interface .now i choose EXAMPLE_CHAINING_DMA.VHD as my top level entity as my pcie link side (means connector side signals ). is it right or not ?  


but to interface at application layer(user application side) which vhd file i have to choose and from where i have to start access with pcilink to user application side  


and also reset signals and clock signals i am confusing  


can anyone guide me in a right direction!
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You may refer to Cyclone IV GX pcie example design at this link, follow the reset and clocking in the example design. 


To be more easier, just port over this example design to target your FPGA part number cyclone 4 gx epc4gx75.