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trouble making a custom vip usign data_valid signal

Honored Contributor I

Hi all. 

I am trying to make a custom image processing block, it should be a kind of median filter.  

The problem is that between the input and the output of my median filter there is a latency of 6 clock. I was thinking of use data_valid as "clock" for my median block, so elaboration is performed only when there aree active pixel. 

But when the last pixel of the frame enters the block,data valid is deasserted - or it becomes the data valid of config packets. 

If I try to make longer processing, the latency incresaes, so i cant't perform an elaboration onto a complete frame. 

Someone has any hint, please?  

Best regards  

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Honored Contributor I

Keep the data valid, but instead of using it as a clock enable, just use it as a data valid (maybe used at the other end as a write enable. Then have a "complete" signal when all processing is complete that disables the clock enable. 


Or just keep the block processing invalid data untill the next frame arrives.
Honored Contributor I

thanks a lot for your reply. 

I was thinking somethng like that, this weekend I'll try and I'll let you know if I had been able to resolve that problem! 

best regards