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txs_waitrequest_o in Arria 10 PCIE


In Arria 10 , I use PCIE + mSGDMA ,when PCIE_HIP setting the interface type is Avalon-MM with DMA,the txs_waitrequest_o  There will be the following performance.Interface type is Avalon-MM with DMAInterface type is Avalon-MM with DMAAvalon-MM with DMA txs signal_tapAvalon-MM with DMA txs signal_tapInterface type is Avalon-MMInterface type is Avalon-MMAvalon-MM txs signal_tapAvalon-MM txs signal_tap

Why is txs_waitrequest_o l pulled down 160 clocks apart when Interface type setting Avalon-MM with DMA?

This question has puzzled me for several days.

I want to know if the signal is correct.

I need someone who can help me, thanks a lot.

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